Create a Summary Table

Condition Selection

You can create a summary table specifying survey years and the survey area.
You can easily create a summary table by simply following the instructions displayed on your screen.
Counting of applicable data starts once you made selections for all mandatory items.

Table TypeMandatory

Please select the summary unit, handling of ND (Not Detected), and display of mean value/standard deviation.

  • Summary Unit

    Summary Unit
  • Handling of ND (Not Detected)

    Handling of ND (Not Detected)
  • Display of median and standard deviation

    Survey Sample

Survey PeriodMandatory

Please specify the survey period to search.


Survey RegionMandatory

You can select any prefectures (multiple choice allowed). You can also select “Nationwide” to see data for the whole country.

Survey Region

Survey SampleMandatory

Please select one sample (category) to search.
Once you select a sample (category), a list of samples (subcategory) will be shown. You can select multiple samples (subcategory).

Sample (category)

Samples (subcategory)
Specification of Cosmic rays included/excluded

Survey NuclideMandatory

Please select one radionuclide type to search.

Survey Nuclide

This does not have to be selected

Concentration UnitMandatory

Please specify the concentration unit.

Concentration Unit

Surveys to Use in Your SearchOptional

You can select surveys to use in your search. If no selection is made, all surveys will be included in the search.
For the details of the surveys, see List of Survey Details.

Surveys to Use in Your Search
  • General environment

  • Nuclear facilities

  • Nuclear powered warships