Air Radiation Dose Rate Chart

Condition Selection

Using measurement data by monitoring post or survey meter registered to the Environmental Radiation Database, you can create air radiation dose rate charts.
You can easily create a chart by simply following the instructions displayed on your screen.
Counting of applicable data starts once you made selections for all mandatory items.

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Select Measurement EquipmentMandatory

Selection of measurement points is not necessary since each prefecture had only one measurement point (monitoring post) before April 2012.

Selection of measurement points is necessary since each prefecture has had multiple monitoring posts since April 2012.

Surveys using a survey meter ended in FY2008.

Measurement Equipment

Survey PeriodMandatory

Please specify the survey period to search.

Please select a period before April 2012.

Please select a period from April 2012.

Please select a period before April 2009.

Year : Month : to Year : Month :

* The survey period cannot be longer than 2 years.

Survey RegionMandatory

Please select a prefecture.

Survey Region
  • Hokkaido & Tohoku
  • Kanto
  • Chubu
  • Kinki
  • Chugoku
  • Shikoku
  • Kyushu & Okinawa

Measurement PointMandatory

Multiple graphs will be generated if you select multiple measurement points.
You can select up to 10 measurement points.

Measurement Point

Measurement points don’t have to be selected.