No.36 Measurement of Radioactive Substances in the Atmosphere

No.35 Environmental Sample Collection Methods in Emergency

No.34 Rapid Analysis of Neptunium-237 in Environmental Samples

No.33 In-situ Measurement Using Germanium Semiconductor Detector(part1,part2) (2nd edition)

No.32 Rapid Analysis of Iodine-129 in Environmental Samples

No.31 Rapid Analysis of Gross Alpha Radioactivity in Environmental Samples

No.30 Rapid Analysis of Americium-241 and Curium in Environmental Samples

No.29 Gamma-ray Spectral Analysis Using Germanium Semiconductor Detector in Emergencies

No.28 Rapid Analysis of Plutonium in Environmental Samples

No.27 Environmental Gamma-ray Dosimetry using Fluorescent Glass Dosimeters