This web site shows the results of the radioactivity and radiation survey carried out by the Secretariat of the Nuclear Regulation Authority(NRA).
  1. Radioactivity in vegetables, milk, soil and others
  2. Environmental radiation
  3. Indoor and outdoor radon

NRA has been carrying out the radioactivity and radiation surveys of artificial radionuclides caused by atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons and of natural radionuclides including radon. The data obtained are compiled in the Environmental Radiation Database and can be used for various purposes. In this web site, various figures show the survey data.

Radioactivity and Radiation in Environment
You will see figures constructed from the results of the radioactivity and radiation survey.

Radioactivity Survey Data in Japan
This is a report compiled and published annually by Japan Chemical Analysis Center(JCAC). It contains environmental radioactivity and radiation data obtained in Japan.

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